Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Strange encounters with Jesus

Some Light verse about Jesus, written God knows when by God knows who

“I don’t believe in the resurrection,” said the corpse
when Jesus appeared to him one morning.

Jesus watched the corpse with pity as it got dressed,
washed up, and drove to work, cursing the freeway traffic
and the stupidity of its boss….

“The saddest part is when they don’t even know they’re dead,” said Jesus.


“I don’t believe in Jesus,” said the girl.

“Neither do I,” said Jesus.

“You don’t?” said the girl. “But didn’t you say that we have to pray and stuff in your name?”

“What is my name?” said Jesus, smiling slyly. “You don’t think I’d reveal my real name, do you?”

“Cool,” said the girl. “Tell me some of your aliases then.”

“Oh, they call me many things—Love, Truth—but these are just words.”

“What’s your real name, then?”

“You have to know me first,” said Jesus.

“Know who?” asked the girl, smiling slyly.

“Yourself,” said Jesus.

“Am I you?” said the girl.

“Only if you want to be,” he replied. “But being who you are is better,
and much, much more difficult.”

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