Sunday, April 26, 2015

Earth Day Greetings from the Friends Committee on Legislation of California

banner_inside_legislative_issuesI just received this letter from Friends Committee on Legislation of California (FCLCA) and have decided to post it. FCLCA was founded in the 1950s during the McCarthy period, when California passed a slew of loyalty oaths. Since Quakers have a testimony against swearing oaths (Jesus told his disciples not to swear oaths: "Let you aye be aye and your nay nay"), Quakers founded this lobbying organization which has been a Quaker voice in Sacramento ever since. FCLCA takes up many unpopular causes, like prison reform, and has been a faithful advocate for the marginalized. This Earth Day letter from Kevan Insko links to FCLCA's latest newsletter and offers opportunities to make a difference in our state's laws.

Happy (belated) Earth Day!  I wanted to let you know that our Spring FCLCA Newsletter is now online with a feature article about one of the leading environmental justice organizations in California: the Community Water Center out of Visalia in Tulare County.

I hope you enjoy reading the interview with Laurel Firestone, their co-director.
It's amazing and inspiring to see what CWC and the "clean water" grassroots activists in the San Joaquin Valley have accomplished.

And we have another inspiring story about a workshop on grassroots lobbying that we recently presented to a great group of eighth-graders who were visiting the Capitol from the San Francisco Friends School (thank you, FCL Education Fund donors).

Our Spring FCLCA Newsletter also features a comprehensive article about current bills in the Legislature from your FCLCA lobbyist, Jim Lindburg.  Some highlights:
  • AB 512, a bill we are co-sponsoring to reduce prison recidivism, passed the Assembly Public Safety Committee!
  • We're advocating for several bills that address the issue of excessive force by police and racial profiling.
  • We're working hard to win three proven ways of reducing poverty: increased childcare slots, a higher minimum wage and an earned income tax credit.
  • We're supporting the strong environmental legislation that has been introduced this session.
  • We're taking a leading role in organizing opposition to a bill that ties driver's licenses to Selective Service registration.

And we can do it all because of you!  Thank you for your support.

Kevan Insko
Friends Committee on Legislation of California

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