Friday, September 6, 2013

Light a Candle for Peace in Syria

Beginning Sunday, September 8,  hundreds, perhaps thousands, and maybe even millions of people, will light a candle at 8:00 PM and let the whole world know we want peace for the people of Syria. We will continue to light candles throughout the week as Congress deliberates.
Place your candle in your window so your neighbors can see it. As you light your candle, send loving thoughts or pray for the people of Syria. If you have Syrian friends or neighbors, tell them you are praying for peace.
Invite your friends, family members, and neighbors to do likewise.
Imagine millions of households around the country, and the world, praying for peace in Syria and throughout the Middle East!
There are of course many other things that you can do in addition to lighting a candle.
  • Attend a peace vigil.
  • Call your Congressional Representative. (Many are still undecided.)
  • Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper.
Here are some links to sites that can help you contact our elected officials:


This is an historic moment in which we can make a difference and show there is a better way--a nonviolent way--to end conflict and bring peace to this troubled region.
  • Let's bring all parties (including the Russians and Iranians) to the negotiating table. President Obama has said there is no military solution, only a political solution, to this conflict.
  • If war crimes have been committed, let the matter come before the international court of justice.
  • Provide humanitarian assistance, including gas masks, to the people of this region.
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  1. This is the stand of the Syrian regime who committed the crime of gassing innocent people. Now they are talking about peace after they crossed all red lines, committed crimes against humanity and killed undiscriminating children, elderly, women and peaceful civilian people.
    Syrian regime should be punished for their crimes otherwise the entire world is in jeopardy.

  2. The US has not presented a shred of evidence that Assad used chemical weapons. We have to accept Kerry's word. Unforunately, the US word isn't worth much. The US has lied consistently prior to every war it starts. It lied about the Gulf of Tokien it lied about the Iraqis' killing babies in incubators in Kuwait, it lied about weapons of mass destruction, etc That's why it's important for an impartial and credible party, like the UN, to issue a report and for the matter to go before the International Court. Another option could be a negotiated agreement, such as the one proposed by Putin, in which Assad agrees to let an international body destroy all his chemical weapons. That would be the ideal solution.