Thursday, August 20, 2015

Golden Rule, currently in San Diego, will sail to Marina del Rey on Sunday, August 30, on a peace mission

This weekend Jill and I had the rare and delightful opportunity to sail on the Golden Rule. (Jill is shown here steering the ship, with help from Ron Kohl, our skipper.) This is the ship that Albert Bigelow (a naval commander turned pacifist Quaker) attempted to sail into the forbidden nuclear test zone in 1958 in order to protest nuclear weapons. He and his crew were arrested in Honolulu (illegally, since they broke no laws) and spent six months in jail, but their act of courage inspired others, including Green Peace, to engage in similar water-borne protests. You can learn more about this story from my new book, Transformative Friends 2015. After forty some years, the Golden Rule lay sunken in Humbolt harbor, where it was found three years ago and restored by Veterans for Peace. It is now sailing on a new peace mission and will be coming to Marina del Rey on Sunday, August 30. See details below.

We sailed on the Golden Rule with Laura Kohl and her husband Ron (a passionate sailor) along with other La Jolla Quakers and Vets for Peace. We enjoyed not only the sail, but also the fascinating company. We loved meeting Vets who have committed themselves to peace and are "sailing for a nuclear free world." Their example inspires and challenges us to do our utmost to insure that we can end war, or at least make it illegal, just as we abolished, or at least illegalized, slavery. Peace is not only possible, it is necessary, if we humans are going to survive into the next century.


Sailing for a Nuclear Free World
Join the Golden Rule crew at Burton Chace Park in Marina Del Rey 
on Sunday August 30 at 5pm - 8pm

Peace Picnic Welcome and Support
the New Journeys of the Golden Rule

Burton Chace Park
13650 Mindanao Way,
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

The GR will be docked next to the park.

If possible bring a dish to share and your own plate, cup, and utensils to save the earth.

contact Gerry Condon (206) 499-1220

Kathleen Hernandez
Veterans For Peace, Los Angeles
Associate Member

MLK Coalition of Greater Los Angeles


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