Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Muslim take on Christmas that brought tears to my eyes

I was deeply moved by this Christmas reflection by Dr. Hassan Hathout (December 1924 to April 2009). Dr. Hathout was a spiritual leader in the Muslim community who helped found the Muslim Public Affairs Council and wrote a book, "Reading the Muslim Mind," that opened my mind and heart to Islam. I knew him during his final years, when he was dying of cancer. He often moved me to tears when he spoke of God's love with such depth of feeling I felt he was in touch with God's heart. 

Dr. Hathout was an internationally known leader in the Muslim community. According to his website, Dr. Hathout was a "multi-cultural physician, ethicist, and poet. He grew up in surroundings where love of God and country, and call of duty, were pivotal. With much talent, learning, discipline, and meditation, he was able to combine a highly successful career in academic medicine, ethics, and theology." For more about this remarkable man, I recommend checking out his website:  http://drhassanhathout.org"

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