Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Special worship service on 9/11 at Santa Monica Friends Meetinghouse

You are invited to a time of reflection and worship on Saturday, Sept 11, from 7:00-9:00 PM at the Santa Monica Friends Meetinghouse, 1440 Harvard St, Santa Monica (between Broadway and Santa Monica Blvd, just east of 26th St.). Please be sure to park in the lot, not the street.

Please feel free to invite your neighbors and friends to attend. People of all faiths, or no faith, are welcome.

During this time of worship, we will reflect on the following questions. How do we find inner peace after what happened on 9/11, and after the wars and violence that followed in its wake? What are we doing to help others and the world to find peace--both inner peace and peace with justice? How can we help end bigotry and prejudice? How can we foster understanding and love in our community and in the world?

Our worship will be unprogrammed. There will be no minister or pre-arranged program, as Friends believe the Light is directly available to all, and all may minister. We will gather, still our minds, open our hearts, and settle into a reverent and expectant silence to wait upon the Light. Friends believe that in this opening of our hearts to the Spirit, we are contributing to the common worship of all present, as well as to our own renewal. This time may pass in silence, or individuals may be moved to speak briefly out of the silence. Leaving a space of time between each person speaking allows the ministry of each to be respectfully heard.

May the Spirit help us to live (as George Fox once said) "in that power and life that takes away the occasion of all war."

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