Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Latest News on Greywater from Greywater Action

If you want to find out more about greywater, I suggest you get on the mailing list of Greywater Action. Here's Laura Allen's latest update:

Could we be nearing the end of the drought? What ever the future holds now is a great time to get your rain barrels and tanks ready to catch some of the wild rain expected to come this winter. But will it be enough? According to NASA scientist Bill Patzert we shouldn't count on it. "... I’m not calling this a drought-buster yet,” Patzert said.
Some people are calling California's new shower head regulations "stingy," they'll require shower heads to put out 2 gallons per minute, which will be reduced to 1.8 gallons/minute in two years. But why wait for state regulations when we can get even lower flow showerhead today? From the affordable High Sierra 1.5 shower head down to the lowest, re-engineered shower head that uses 0.75 gallons/min, according to the new SF start-up company Nebia, without sacrificing comfort. 
Looking for a greywater installer? Visit our installers directory to find one. We recently finished another 5 day training and graduated 20 more people. Check out some of the systems they installed as part of the training here.
Tell your friends or family who live in Pasadena to check out the new incentive program offered by Pasadena Water and Power. PWP customers get free classes on greywater, a voucher to buy the parts, and a site visit from a Greywater Action instructor to help them design the system.

Upcoming Workshops

Northern California and SF Bay Area:
  • (next week!) Arcata. Free presentation: Create Your Own Water-Wise Home and Landscape. August 24th, 7pm, at the D Street Community Center in Arcata, CA. More information here.
  • Build your own rain barrel workshops in Napa (morning) and Calistoga (afternoon). Oct 10th (check back later for details)
Los Angeles area:
  • (next week!)Drought Proof Your Landscape with Greywater. August 27th, 7pm at the Los Angeles EcoVillage. Cost is sliding scale $5-$15. More info here
  • (next weekend!) Pasadena: Greywater 101 Symposium. Aug 29th, 1pm-3pm. Free workshop. More info here.
  • (next weekend!) LA. Design your own laundry greywater system. August 30th, 10am-12:30pm at the Los Angeles EcoVillage. Sliding scale fee $20-$40. More information and registration here.
  • Hands-on greywater installation workshop. September 5th, 11am-4pm at a private home in Topanga Canyon. Sliding scale $30- $100. More information and registration here.
  • Ventura. Design your own laundry greywater system. Sept 26th, 10am-noon at Aqua-Flo Irrigation. Sliding-scale fee $20-$40. More info and registration here
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