Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Support the Iran agreement

Now is the time to contact our elected officials and let them know we support this agreement. Last year I went to Washington, DC, to lobby for this agreement on Quaker lobby day. It has become increasingly clear that this agreement would help reduce the risk of war (and nuclear proliferation) in the Middle East. We can't pass up this opportunity to give negotiations a chance.

Dear Anthony Manousos,
We have less than 30 days to protect the nuclear deal with Iran before a critical September vote. Is your senator speaking out for peace?
Critics of the deal are spending millions and millions of dollars to convince members of Congress that this is a bad deal. Even if you've called or emailed already, many members of Congress are still making up their minds about the deal.
I want to respond to questions you’ve raised and direct you to additional information:
  • Is this a good deal? Yes. This deal dramatically shrinks Iran's nuclear program and gives inspectors the access they need to verify the deal.
  • Could we negotiate a better deal? There’s no guarantee that Iran would come back to the negotiating table if the deal is rejected now. Scuttling this deal could mean no deal at all.
  • Why is this deal important? This deal with Iran is the best chance we have to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran and another U.S. war in the Middle East.
  • Should we trust Iran? This deal is about verification, not trust. Inspectors will have the access they need to find out if Iran is cheating on the deal.
  • Why does the September vote matter? The vote will be incredibly close, and Congress could vote to reject the deal. That would jeopardize all this progress.
  • Find out more on our website.
This vote will be a huge opportunity for Congress to support diplomacy—an answer to war and global conflict, an opportunity to support the vital work for peace. Thank you for your work for peace.
Diane Randall
Executive Secretary

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